HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters
HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters

Lab 0.45 Micron Nylon Membrane syringe filter

Material: Nylon; Hydrophilic PVDF; Hydrophilic PTFE; Hydrophobic PTFE; PES; MCE; Hydrophilic PP; Cellulose Acetate(CA) Qty/Pack: 100pcs/pack Application: Filter Payment: T/T MOQ: 1 pack
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Product Description

0.45 micron nylon hplc filters type - chromatography

网页Syringe Filter Nylon for Laboratory. Nylon syringe filters are made of nylon membrane and a polypropylene overmold housing. Available in 13 mm and 25 mm diameters and 0.22 μm and 0.45 μm pore sizes. Part No. Description. FN1322. 13mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.22um, Green, 100pcs/pk. FN1345. 13mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.45um, Green,

0.45 Syringe Filter at Thomas Scientific

网页MilliporeSigma. separation and purification processes, non-sterile Millex syringe filters provide unsurpassed quality and consistency of results. This 25 mm syringe filter with a Hydrophobic PTFE membrane, for non-sterile filtration, has a 0.45 µm pore size used in clarification of organic solvents. Compare this item.

Nylon Syringe Filters, Sterlitech, 0.45 Micron, 25mm, 100/Pk

网页Nylon Syringe Filters, Sterlitech, 0.45 Micron, 25mm, 100/Pk. Features: Inherently hydrophilic. Very low extractables. Wide chemical compatibility. Applications: Clarification

Nylon Membrane Filters 0.45 at Thomas Scientific

网页Foxx Life Sciences. . Foxx Autofil® PP is designed to conveniently fit on top of most laboratory bottles with a GL45 thread. Autofil® PP is available in 3 different types of

Millex Syringe Filter, Nylon, Non-sterile | SLHN033NB

网页Non-Sterile Millex® Syringe Filters with Nylon Membrane: - Non-sterile Millex® syringe filters with hydrophilic nylon membrane are compatible with a broad range of solvents. - Available in 0.20 µm and 0.45 µm pore sizes and two diameters to suit your application needs. - Compatible with both aqueous and organic solutions, providing broad

Acrodisc® PSF Syringe Filters

网页AP-4548 GxF/Nylon 0.45 µm < 150 µL 55 C (131 F) at 2.1 bar 4.1 bar (410 kPa, 60 psi) 215 mL/min at 2.1 bar AP-4549 (210 kPa, 30 psi) at 21-24 C (70-75 F) (210 kPa, 30 psi) AP-4528 AP-4789 GxF/PTFE 0.2 µm < 125 µL

Choice™ Nylon Syringe Filters - Thermo Fisher Scientific

网页Choice Nylon Syringe Filter Specifications. Membrane: HPLC certified nylon. Maximum operating temperature: 100 °C. Housing: Medical grade, virgin polypropylene. Autoclave: Sterilize by dry heat at 121 °C for 15 minutes. Choice Nylon Syringe Filter Applications. HPLC and organic-solvent sample preparation and clean-up.

0.45 nylon syringe filter | Sigma-Aldrich

网页Find 0.45 nylon syringe filter and related products for scientific research at MilliporeSigma Medical Millex-HA Syringe Filter Unit, 0.45 µm, mixed cellulose esters, 33 mm, sterilized

Millex Syringe Filter, Nylon, Automation Compatible, Non

网页Millex Syringe Filter, Nylon, Automation Compatible, Non-sterile 0.45 µm pore size, 25 mm diameter, Millex-HN Nylon membrane, hydrophilic, domed housing - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information.

PES Syringe Filters (0.45 Micron, 25mm, 100/Pk)

网页2019年11月12日 · LabZhang 24pcs Syringe Filter,Syringe Lab Filters,Hydrophilic Nylon Membrane 25mm Diameter 0.22um Pore Size,Non Sterile Filtration,Green(nylon-25mm

0.45 Micron Nylon Syringe Filter - Filson

网页Filson 0.45 micron nylon syringe filter has lower extractables and lower adsorption capacity of 262 μg/cm 2. Therefore, the solution loss will be decreased and you can

SEOH Syringe Filter Purple Nylon Membrane 13mm Diameter

网页2022年11月22日 · Pack of 100 Labasics Qualitative Filter Paper Circles 150 mm Diameter Cellulose Filter Paper with 15-20 Micron Particle Retention Medium Filtration Speed PES 25mm 0.22um Polyethersulfone Syringe Filters PES Membrane Diameter 25mm Pore Size 0.22um Laboratory Supplies 100PCS by Allpure Biotechnology

シリンジフィルター(メンブレン/ナイロン) NYシリーズ

网页特徴 親水性・有機溶媒・水溶液両用 多くの有機溶媒に対する耐薬品性があり高流量ですが、強酸・ 強アルカリには適していません。 半導体工業用水ろ過、有機溶媒・水溶液のろ過、(アルコール性)飲料水のろ過に適しています。

Millex Syringe Filter, Nylon, Non-sterile | SLHN033NK

网页Background Information. Overview of Non-Sterile Millex® Syringe Filters with Nylon Membrane: • Non-sterile Millex® syringe filters with hydrophilic nylon membrane are

0.45um Filter at Thomas Scientific

网页0.45um Filter found in: Filter memb Cellulose 47mm 0.45um 100/pk, Syringe filter Nylon 13mm 0.45um 1000/pk, Filter Membrane PTFE 0.45um, Filter 30mm 0.45um.. Skip To Main Content Skip To Main Navigation

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