HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters
HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters

Common use luer lock filter ptfe filters for hplc acrodisc

Material: Nylon; Hydrophilic PVDF; Hydrophilic PTFE; Hydrophobic PTFE; PES; MCE; Hydrophilic PP; Cellulose Acetate(CA) Qty/Pack: 100pcs/pack Application: Filter Payment: T/T MOQ: 1 pack
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Dec 0, 997 · Tubing comprised 0.74 μm i.d. PTFE tubing (Jencons) with one end glued into an Acrodisc 4 syringe filter (Jencons) with a male Luer thread (the filter is removed; it is the Luer lock joint which is required).

Pall Life Sciences - 240 - Pall® Acrodisc® Syringe Filter

Hydrophobic PTFE membrane with polypropylene support offers e x ceptional chemical and temperature compatibility and is ideal for gas, organic solutions, air filtration, or venting. Certifications: All membranes are HPLC certified for low levels of UV-absorbing e x tractables.

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Low protein binding filters for sterile filtration of biological samples, serum and cell culture media. Acrodisc® and Acrodisc® PF syringe filters with 0,2 µm Supor® membrane were challenged with bovine serum or a bacterial culture (0 -7 cfu/ml) at a constant pressure of ,4 bar. Built-in prefilter enhances throughput of viscous

Thermo ScientificTitan3 PTFE (Hydrophilic) Syringe Filters

These filters are used for filtration of aggressive organic, highly basic or hot solutions, without the need to pre-wet the membrane. They can also filter aqueous solutions without pre-wetting. Because of their robust design, which includes a reinforcing outer ring configuration and integral pre-filter, Titan3 Syringe Filters are an ideal

EMD Millipore SLFH03NL HPLC Syringe Filter, Fluoropore PTFE

Millipore syringe filters are available in a variety of membranes and housing styles to meet your application needs. Ideal for sterile, ion chromatography, and HPLC sample preparation. All syringe filters have a female luer-lock inlet and a male luer slip connector. HPLC sample preparation filters are nonsterile. The 4-mm units feature a

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geometry for easy filtration Low hold-up volume for maximum filtrate recovery HPLC certified Designed to be compatible for the use on all common automated filtration systems, e.g., SOTAX® dissolution systems Your benefits when using CHROMAFIL® syringe filters

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In addition, many Acrodisc Syringe Filters offer the option of a minispike outlet, rather than the traditional male luer outlet. The minispike outlet, available on 3 mm PTFE, Nylon, GH Polypro, and PVDF Acrodisc Syringe Filters, allows for easy dispensing into autosampler vials.

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Solvent Inlet Filters. Thermo Scientific. For HPLC Systems Stainless steel 0µm inlet filters for longer lifetime No tools required for replacement Bottom-of-the-Bottle solvent filters: Efficient draw 00% PTFE polymer, including 2µm filter Built-in helium sparge port and frit. Related Products: Hplc Solvent Filter. Compare this item.

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These independent ready-to-use Syringe Filters with pes/Nylon /PTFE/PVDF membrane filters have excellent flow speed and high filtrable volume. Minisart high flow syringe filter for rapid volume sterilization with maximum user convenience.. Ready-to-use units, which offer flow rates at low inlet pressures, make a correspondingly

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Aug 06, 2004 · (A) GHP Acrodisc of 25 mm and 0.45 μm equipped with a glass fiber pre-filter and a polypropylene hydrophilic membrane. (B) Minisart RC-5 of 5 mm and 0.2 μm equipped with a membrane of cellulose. (C) Lida PTFE membrane filter of 0.2 μm pore size. (D) Sartorius PTFE membrane filter of 0.2 μm pore size.

Pall 4225 Acrodisc Syringe Filter with CR PTFE Membrane, 25

Female luer lock inlet and luer slip outlet unless otherwise noted. Sterile filters have acrylic housings. Sterile filters are gamma irradiated and individually blister packed. Nonsterile filters have autoclavable, polypropylene housings. Sterile Acrodisc filters are ideal for sterilizing or clarifying culture media. Color-coded and nonpyrogenic.


Then, very quickly, the needle was removed from the flask with the syringe still inverted, and the metal needle was removed from the luer lock and quickly replaced with an Acrodisc 0.45 μm PTFE membrane filter fitted with a fresh 8 gauge needle at the outlet.

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6. Particulate filters — 0.45 micron syringe filters, specifically designed for C applications (Gelman C Acrodisc, PN 4485, or equivalent). These cartridges are used to remove particulates from the sample matrix while loading the sample manually or if the autosampler employed does not filter the sample during loading.

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use for your sample preparation. The RC membrane is broadly compatible wit h common HPLC sample solvents and mobile phases. Improve e ciency with ready-to-use products RC products are supplied r eady for use. The hydrophilic, low-protein binding RC membrane is suitable for a wide vari ety of HPLC applications. Solvent compatibility Qualities

Pall 494TC ACRODISC Syringe Filter with wwPTFE Membrane

Pall Laboratory certifies the following HPLC Acrodisc syringe filters have been tested for compatibility with common HPLC solvents using established HPLC procedures. To verify low levels of UV-detectable extractables, representative samples are tested using a highly sensitive HPLC technique.

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