HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters
HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters

away by the aromas syringe filter

Material: Nylon; Hydrophilic PVDF; Hydrophilic PTFE; Hydrophobic PTFE; PES; MCE; Hydrophilic PP; Cellulose Acetate(CA) Qty/Pack: 100pcs/pack Application: Filter Payment: T/T MOQ: 1 pack
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Syringe Filters | Fisher Scientific

网页Filter Holders and Hardware Filter Paper Filtering Funnels Food and Beverage Testing Glass Fiber Filters and Prefilters Membranes for Filtration Syringe and Syringeless Filters Water Testing and Environmental Analysis 0 1


网页2013/03/09 · 血液試料のほか,細胞懸濁液も処理できます。. 25 ml以下のヒト正常血液試料の場合,試料に含まれる白血球を99%除去できます。. 非滅菌品です。. 使用可能温度:4~37℃. * シリンジは含まれません。. 別途ご用意下さい。. ※ 本製品は1回使い切りで

Whatman Syringe Filters

网页Select from sterile or nonsterile versions without or with prefilters.Syringe filters are the primary option for analytical sample filtration. Whatman 6872-2504 GD/X 25 mm Syringe Filter, PVDF filtration medium, 0.45 um (150 pcs)

Syringe Filter Maufacturer | Syringe Filter Supplier | Omicron

网页With a state-of-the-art 19,000+ sq.ft. manufacturing facility, In-house Analytical Lab, Q.C. Lab and Validation Lab, we can offer a diversified array of sizes and pore ratings in several different media. Omicron Scientific is a USA based multi-product specialty company with competitive edge in laboratory filtration consumables & accessories.


网页Syringe filter is a ideal solution for small volume filtration.It is a tiny device with PP housing and membrane filter inside. Typical applications are clarification, sterile filtration, sample preparation, sterile venting and medical applications. AISIMO syringe filters are available in many different pore sizes and with several hydrophilic or

How to Select a Syringe Filter and How to Use it? (2020 Guide

网页2020/02/17 · 13 mm Syringe Filters For sample volumes <10 mL range; Ideal choice for most applications; Holdup (dead) volume is <15 ul. Female inlet luer lock Maximum

Captiva Syringe Filters | HPLC | Aijiren

网页Every syringe filter is constructed with the highest-grade virgin polypropylene or methacrylate butadiene styrene MBS housing Securely welded to prevent bursting and

Minisart® Syringe Filters | Sterile Filtration | Sartorius

网页Sartolab ® Disposable Sterile Filter Systems and Bottle Top Filters are designed for the vacuum filtration of tissue culture media and components, biological fluids, and other

Acrodisc® WBC (White Blood Cell) Syringe Filter | Pall Shop

网页Sterile Acrodisc® WBC syringe filter with Leukosorb Membrane, 25 mm (10/pkg) Product ID. AP-4951. Effective Filtration Area (Metric) 3.9 cm². Filter Media. Leukosorb. Hold-Up Volume. Hold up volume < 2 mL, with total sample volume = 12 mL.

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网页Filter Vials Syringe Filters Syringes QuEChERS Small Lab Equipment Tubes and Containers Centrifuge Tubes Microcentrifuge Tubes Sampling Bags Vials, Caps & Inserts

Syringe Filters for Sterile Filtration | Minisart® | Sartorius

网页Minisart ® NML Syringe Filters provide the optimal method for clarification and sterilization of liquids, robustly removing bacteria and particles, without any impact on product quality or

Nylon Syringe Filters - Syringe Filters | Sterlitech

网页Product Characteristics: Individual Pack Sterile Available in Syringe Filter Glass pre-filter available (1 micron) Hydrophilic Small Filter Device Resource Documents Features: Inherently hydrophilic Very low extractables Wide chemical compatibility Applications: Clarification of samples, buffers, and mobile phases for HPLC and GC

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网页Hello, and thank you for taking the time to learn about Syringe Away! The original hypodermic syringe cleanup company. Let me ask you something: If I had an item

Syringe Filters - Sigma-Aldrich

网页2020/10/01 · Place the filter tip over the collection container and push the sample through a syringe filter by applying gentle positive pressure. To purge the syringe filter and

【シリンジフィルター 0.2μm】のおすすめ人気ランキング

网页2022/11/28 · 159件の「 シリンジフィルター 0.2μm 」商品から売れ筋のおすすめ商品をピックアップしています。 当日出荷可能商品も多数。 「有機溶剤フィルター」、「ポール フィルタ」、「グラスファイバーフィルター」などの商品も取り扱っております。 販売価格 (税別) ¥7,990~ 税込¥8,789~ (6種類の商品があります) ADVANTEC シリンジフィル

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