HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters
HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters HPLC Syringe Filters

0 45碌m x hplc syringe filter

Material: Nylon; Hydrophilic PVDF; Hydrophilic PTFE; Hydrophobic PTFE; PES; MCE; Hydrophilic PP; Cellulose Acetate(CA) Qty/Pack: 100pcs/pack Application: Filter Payment: T/T MOQ: 1 pack
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Cellulose Acetate Membrane Filters, 0.45 Micron, 47mm,

Cellulose Acetate Membrane Filters, 0.45 Micron, 47mm, 100/Pk. Composed of pure cellulose acetate, Sterlitech cellulose acetate (CA) membrane filters are Sterlitech’s lowest binding small filter devices. These cellulose membrane filters have a pore size of 0.45 microns and a diameter of 47 mm. Quality Customer Service Is Our Number One Priority.

Syringe Filters - Sigma-Aldrich

Whatman ® Uniflo syringe filters are disposable filtration devices for removing solids from liquid samples prior to analyses such as HPLC and UV/Vis spectrophotometry. They are available in variety of membrane choices with 0.2 μm or 0.45 μm pore sizes, feature

Syringe Filter PTFE for HPLC

PTFE syringe filters are made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane and a polypropylene overmold housing. Available in 13 mm and 25 mm diameters and 0.22 μm and 0.45 μm pore sizes. 9mm Short Thread Caps with Septa Screw Caps with Septa for 8-425 Screw Neck Vial 10-425 Screw Caps with Septa 11mm Crimp Top Caps with Septa 11mm Snap Top Caps with Septa 13

Captiva Syringe Filters | HPLC | Aijiren

Syringe Filters. Captiva syringe filters offer the industry’s highest flow rates and loading capacities. Using Captiva syringe filters also significantly extends column lifetime. Choose from a variety of membrane types and pore sizes to prepare small-volume samples for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and ion chromatography.

Syringe Filter, Laboratory Micron Filtration Supplies - Hawach

Hawach syringe filter is specially designed for sample preparation of HPLC, GPC, GC, and LC-MS, the production process is strictly controlled and the price is reasonable. Skip to content +86-29-89284429 info@hawach.com Search for: Search for: Home

Whatman Syringe Filters

Whatman SPARTAN HPLC Syringe Filter, 30 mm, Regenerated Cellulose, 0.45 µm, 50 Pack, 10463053 Regular Price $146.82 Price $127.50 Add to Cart Add to Wish List Whatman 6870-2502 GD/X 25 mm Syringe Filter, nylon filtration medium, 0.2 um (150

Millex® Syringe Filters - Sigma-Aldrich

Comes in a pack of 50. SLCR033. MILLEX ® -LCR Syringe Filter, 0.45 μm Hydrophilic PTFE, 33 mm, Nonsterile. SLFG050. Millex-FG, 0.20 µm, hydrophobic PTFE, 50 mm, A 50 mm diameter non-sterile syringe filter with a 0.2 µm pore size hydrophobic PTFE membrane. Comes in a

Millex-GV Syringe Filter Unit, 0.22 µm, PVDF, 33 mm, gamma

Millex® filters are produced in a controlled, automated environment with the highest quality standards. Sterile devices come with a certificate of quality, with select devices marked for medical applications. A 33 mm diameter sterile syringe filter with a 0.22 µm pore size hydrophilic PVDF membrane. Comes in a pack of 50.

Millex-HP Syringe Filter Unit, 0.45 µm, polyethersulfone, 33 mm,

Quality Level. MQ400. Applications. Application. A 33 mm diameter sterile syringe filter with a 0.45 µm pore size hydrophilic Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane. Comes in a pack of 250. Key

32 mm Acrodisc® Syringe Filters with 0.45 µm Supor® Membrane, Sterile | Pall Shop - Pall

These syringe filters offer high flow rates and low protein binding suited for sterile filtration applications. 32 mm Acrodisc® Syringe Filters with 0.45 µm Supor® Membrane, Sterile | Pall Shop It appears that your browser has JavaScript disabled.

0.22 & 0.45 Disposable Syringe Filters Supplier, PP Syringe Filters

Disposable syringe filter with color code design and higher maximum operating pressure of 6.2bar and faster filtration. The filter structure of standard female Luer lock and male Luer slip fittings. Make easy use of HPLC syringe injection available by the most commonly used material and size. Material available by extremely low HPLC extractable

0.45 µm, Nylon Acrodisc® Syringe Filter | Pall Shop

Sample filtration using syringe filters containing 0.45 μm (HPLC) or 0.2 μm (UHPLC) pore size membranes will also extend the life of chromatography columns by preventing particulate from

0.45um PES 0.22um hplc syringe filters-HPLC Filter

All our syringe filters are HPLC certified. Housing M Email: market@aijirenvial.com Whatsapp:8618057059123 Home Products 1-4mL Autosampler Vials for HPLC, UPLC, GC

HPLC Syringe Filter, Nylon/Hydrophilic PVDF Syringe Filter

Pore size: 0.22μm/0.45μm. Diameter: 13mm/25mm. Membrane: Nylon, Hydrophilic PVDF, Hydrophilic PTFE, Hydrophobic PTFE, PES, MCE, Hydrophilic PP, Cellulose Acetate. 9mm Short

Syringe Filters - Pall Corporation

For example, syringe filters containing 0.45 μm are typically used for HPLC sample preparation and 0.2 μm is used for UHPLC. In life science applications 0.1 and 0.2 µm pore sizes provide sterilization of buffers, culture media, and additives. Larger 0.45, 0.8, 1.2

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